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underground wave volume 5


Artist : Various 

Label : Walhalla Records 

underground wave volume 5 / LP

Again a unique compilation by leading Belgian re-release label Walhalla Records, specialized in minimal-synth. Following the widely acclaimed and now sold out 'Underground Wave' series (4 albums released so far), here is now volume 5 with mainly Belgian bands but this time as well with a strong international presence by Kunzsysteem (Netherlands), Analysis (UK), No Unauthorized (France) and Dead Man Industry (USA). A-Side contains original 80's work, previously only released on cassette or obscure and ultra rare 7"s. B-Side contains new work in the minimal-synth tradition with a.o. an exclusive new track by the legendary Vita Noctis. Limited to 500 copies and including insert !

mini lp


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Stilleben 

mini lp / 12"

8 tracks of mastermind DMX Krew on Stilleben Records. Electro for the people! Love! Powerful white funk limited to 200 copies only. Be fast !

data surge


Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

data surge / 12"

Electro from Swedish producer Rutherford. Produced in Gothenburg in 2014. Versatile release with a smashing closing track named "Three Hours". Limited to 200 copies !!



Artist : Black Pond 

Label : Bodyvolt 

chasms / 12"

Black Pond is a collaborative project between Beta Evers from South-Germany & Jeff Gallea (from Eleven Pond) from South-California. Both started their musical career in a very early age in the 80's. Not so very long ago they met via internet and decided to combine their talents for a contemporary wave/synth sound. The 4-song ep 'Chasms' is their debut ep. They both recorded synths and beats for all songs through a ping-pong system, means: one of them started with a song seed, the other one continued to work on it, back and forth until a song was finished. Also the vocals were done by both members. On the A side Black Pond presents "Touch", a melancholic slow song and the moving, occultish "The Lake". On the B side we can listen to an electrified, deep cover version of Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs" and the very danceable synth stomper "Shiver". A promising debut that whets our appetite for more!

domestic landscape vol.2 (underrated synth classics 1982-1990)


Artist : Various 

Label : Domestica 

domestic landscape vol.2 (underrated synth classics 1982-1990) / LP

2nd volume of 'Domestic Landscape' series, a collection of rare electronic music compiled from bands around the world. Once more, and as Domestica did with the 1st volume of 'Domestic Landscape', here is a selection of songs that you won't find in any other format, apart from of a few exceptions which were published in cassette and in very limited editions. All the bands selected have something in common: they are projects born out of the need to express an own, original and genuine message, built up from a solid basis and the result of hard work. Needless to say, all of them did it through analogic technology and, therefore, the main transmitters of this message are the synthesizers, the drum machines and the sequencers. In addition, each of them created, promoted and sold their music in a totally independent way; in a context which was very different from the current one and, up to a degree, much less friendly. Some of these bands have survived for years, others have disappeared and others have mutated; however, now we can enjoy their music again and give them the recognition that they deserve. Edition of 400 copies with inserts. Tip !

måndag mon amour


Artist : Facit 

Label : Waving Hands Records 

måndag mon amour / 12"

Hailing from Gothenburg, Facit is the project of Joakim Karlsson. For almost a decade, he has been producing tearful synthesizer music under various aliases, often teaming up with compatriot Mai Nestor on vocals. Smartly drawing a line between Swedish chanson and minimal-synth, 'Måndag Mon Amour' is Facit's 2nd ep after having stopped at Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax in late 2013 with 'Mat Åt Duvorna' (Food For Pigeons). Limited edition of 300 copies, hand-numbered insert included. Big Tip !



Artist : Kehrschliefe 

Label : Polytechnic Youth 

8trk / 7"

The Kehrschleife recordings originated from the Mauer park fleamarket in Berlin about 3 years ago, (bought by Allan Murphy of Midwich Youth Club, and cleaned up from the original cassettes by him), they appear to be back-ups of the original Kehrschleife studio master tapes. The tapes are labelled (in German) NDR TV/SFB TV/Radio Bremen themes and Idents and in each cassette case is an A4 sheet detailing the track title/recording date/intended broadcast recipient, with a Kehrschleife/Wolfgang Tilner-Barlow Logo letterhead. According to the stall holder, the tapes were bought as part of a job lot of 70's studio equipment from in the Uhlenhorst area, in the 80's and passed on to him by a relative of the original job lot buyer. Little is known about Tilner-Barlow although the stall owner remembered the name 'Kehrschleife' as being a band from the late 70's Hamburg Neu Deutsche Welle scene. Murphy's research has turned up scant information such as Tilner-Barlow's name on the end credits of a few different 70's German TV shows and a Rest in Peace notice at the end of an 'Arbeit Heute' show from 1984 on YouTube as well as the music appearing on a home video recording of Berlin in the 70's (with apparently numbers stations recordings embedded)". A fabulous 8-track ep, playing at 45rpm in Polytechnic Youth house bags and sure to fly out super quick. Be fast on this one ;)

brick wall takes to air / sirrius


Artist : Middex 

Label : Polytechnic Youth 

brick wall takes to air / sirrius / 7"

Killer new 7" from Polytechnic Youth featuring the enigmatic, underground genius of Middex. Cold as fuck, brutally icey synth blasts from the depths of South East London. In the man himself's own words: "This is the 2nd installation of suburban deliberation and galactic musings for Polytechnic Youth from Middex. This is outer space hidden in the outer boroughs plastered over the flat thump of frosted perspex hearts". A handnumbered edition of 250 copies with additional, various coloured, fold out poster inserts. Strong !!



Artist : Rendez-Vous 

Label : Avant! 

distance / 12"

It was more than a year ago, in the grey parisian midst that we discovered the 1st ep of a group that we couldn't ignore any longer: Rendez-Vous. The band's 1st track "The Others" was heard like a traveling echo in the capital. The 4 piece band was then discovered like a secret longing to be kept, but in vain. While the expectance were heavy on the band, they kept their distance with the outside and focused on the music. So for a while they hibernated in a cave in Bastille that became the core and inspired the corrosive sound of this 2nd ep 'Distance'. The mixing was entrusted to Ben Greenberg, singer and bassist of The Men also producer of Destruction Unit, Beach Fossils and other Sacred Bones Record artists. The result is a 6-track ep that sounds closer to the vision of the band. Supported by a procession of ghosts like Fad Gadget's, Sad Lovers and Giants, the Dance Society's or Nitzer Ebb's ones, that the band resurfaces from the underground ready to shake the dead. The EP is like a heartbreaking beautiful reunion, which is mostly the case with the best rendez-vous.

abject obsessions


Artist : Koban 

Label : Avant! 

abject obsessions / LP

Koban is a young duo hailing from Vancouver, Canada. They had their 1st album out on Broadway To Boundary back in 2013 but it really was their 2014’s ep on Weyrd Son Records that got our attention. Now their 2nd full-length is ready and with it Koban achieved to extend and improve the great results of their previous 'Vide' ep. Cold yet catchy dark post-punk driven by caustic drum machines, featuring French-speaking female vocals and English-speaking male voice, powered by synths and guitars as sharp and dangerous as a rusty blade..

black devotion


Artist : DRIFT 

Label : Avant! 

black devotion / 12"

'Black Devotion' is the debut release by new London-based act DRIFT. Already founding member of the synth/wave trio Phosphor and currently in the shoegaze duo Leave The Planet, young and talented Nathalia Bruno started her own solo project once the band split up after the 'Youth And Immortality' LP back in 2013. Listening to DRIFT one can tell now how much Nathalia influenced Phosphor back then and at the same time a personal evolution is clearly in full sight. Needless to say Depeche Mode and HTRK, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins exercise some influence here, but Nathalia is shaping her own way to those sounds that bands as Tropic Of Cancer and Northern Electronics' Född Död have also been pursuing. There's a brighter component to DRIFT's music visible both in shiny tracks like "Grave" and "Hard To Accept" as in the more ethereal "Dreams In Silkscreen" and "Say It Right". Featuring 6 songs, 'Black Devotion' marks the birth of what Nathalia herself calls devotional synth. Purity in drifting !!

standard of living


Artist : Pure Ground 

Label : Avant! 

standard of living / LP

'Standard Of Living', the new LP by Los Angeles's Pure Ground, finds the duo moving further into the whirring electrical storm only suggested at by their more minimalist previous recordings, creating a soundtrack to a crumbling culture full of provisional one-two rhythms and syncopated bursts of white noise, complimented by grim arpeggiated melodies. Pure Ground have created a niche in the L.A. hard electronics underground making exclusive use of analog hardware to arrive at their sound, which straddles a fine line between early EBM on tracks like Poison and Second Skin, owing inspiration to Belgium's Klinik and Front 242, and more melancholy minimal-synth on downers In Silence and Tides. The one element that binds the new LP is the undercurrent of experimentalism pervasive in every song, which at times comes to surface on tracks like The "Glory Of Absence", which merges the convoluted rhythms of In Phaze era Portion Control with an industrial din and vocal delivery reminiscent of European power electronics groups like Genocide Organ. Lyrical themes focus on the disharmony between the natural, even spiritual, world, with the human dystopia of the post-industrial wastes, and the contradictory sensations of bliss and desperation, ecstasy and fear, bred in this climate. This is music for the end of days. Limited edition of 300 copies with inside-out jacket & printed inner sleeve..!



Artist : Qual 

Label : Avant! 

sable / LP

Qual is Lebanon Hanover's bassist and vocalist William Maybelline. With his solo project he aims to examine his personal view on music, Maybelline moved from the pop touch of well-known and respected main band of his to cruise the slums of darker and even more extreme electronics. To quote William's own words, Qual is about vile visions, despaired in a frowning black tower of pain. Concealed yearns of a desolate heart, trying to scratch that unscratchable rotting itch from within. Centuries of sorrow drenched in gloomy electronics that palpitate like human passions. A call for help. 33rpm black vinyl LP edition housed in UV glossy jackets. Comes with lyrics insert and free digital download coupon..

I keep on searching


Artist : Contrepoison 

Label : Avant! 

I keep on searching / 12"

Long due vinyl press of Contrepoison 2nd ep. We have been glad and proud to debut Pierre-Marc Tremblay's electronic solo project back in 2011 with his 1st '...Until Next Morning' ep. Since then Contrepoison has shared an ace split with Vatican Shadow and put out a couple of tape releases on his own Sans Issue record label. Digitally released in 2012 by Hospital Productions and Heartworm Press, 'I Keep On Searching' finally sees the light on vinyl. The closest comparison we could make is early Cold Cave again, but there's more here: something dead-eyed and drugged proper to this sound. Make sure to check the sludgy bass thrust and distant, dingy vox of "I Keep On Searching" and the bleak, tormented coldwave pop of "Nectar Of Destiny". One-time pressing of 500 on 45rpm black vinyl 12". Comes with thick insert sheet with lyrics and credits.

new grave


Artist : Night Sins 

Label : Avant! 

new grave / LP

Born by members of hardcore bands Salvation and Mother Of Mercy, Night Sins is the aural proof that life does not walk so dark all over Europe alone. Emerging sometime around 2011 under the oppressive skies of Philadelphia, these overcast malcontents are fitly connected to a city engrossed in shadow-soaked vices and dilapidated architecture. Not to imply that there isn't a comforting sort of gloominess in this musical malaise as Night Sins frolic down a musical path originally cut by The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox, with enough hints of Pink Turns Blue, The Mission, and other extensions into 80's darkwave to produce memorable songwriting that stands on its own. Bass and drums punch through the mist thick as thieves, guitar lines circle like falcons overhead, minimal-synths street clean some of the residual dirt, and singer-songwriter Kyle Kimball's vocals confidently press through an intimate fog. There is a brilliant light in the midst of dimness, and Night Sins is carrying the torch. Comes on black vinyl with insert with band pics and lyrics.

u zemlji čuda with lost Data tracks


Artist : Sizike 

Label : Discom 

u zemlji čuda with lost Data tracks / LP

Story about 80's electronic scene in Belgrade wouldn't be complete without considering Zoran Jevtic and Zoran Vracevic's work in group Data, Šizike & Master Scratch Band. Along with group Beograd they pioneered total electronic concept in former Yugoslavia, bringing to home country new genres and new sounds. Early 80's were a time of late analog and early digital synthesizers and sequencers, vocadors, Roland TR rhythm machines, electronic drum kits etc... and since both Jevtic and Vracevic had one of the largest collection of synths and gears in Belgrade, they appeared as collaborators in numerous projects for many musicians in that time: Sladjana Milosevic, Bebi Dol, Aska, U Skripcu, Beograd, Max&Intro, Kornelije Kovac, Massimo Savic etc... As a group Data, Jevtic & Vracevic were making a very attractive synth-pop songs, but they released just one ep. Their work is mostly notable as Šizike with their extremely rare album 'U Zemlji Cuda' LP from 1984. In project Šizike, they developed original Data concept: minimal electronic sound influenced by early Yello and TR-808 in combination of 3 female vocalist, making very interesting girly electronica close to early Tom Tom Club and Bananarama. For both Vracevic & Jevtic is very characteristic usage of noise sound effects, electronic tom samples from Roland's rhythm machines, vocoder, along with vintage 80's synths and sound of Roland MC4 analog sequencer. Fantastic electro-pop

traitement de choc


Artist : D.Stop 

Label : Desire Records 

traitement de choc / 10"

Founded in september 1981 in Orléans (France), D. Stop formed to dedicate themselves to a kind of 'modern punk rock'. They then self-released a 1st 7" the following year entitled 'Traitement De Choc', here reissued with extra tracks. After their first 7", Sonny Brailleur (vocals), Phil Lethon (guitar/bass) and Klod Lelook (organ, synths, drum-machines), inspired by French band Metal Urbain, stylistically transformed into a more synth punk outfit and released their 1st mini-album 'Nouvelles du Front' in september 1983. By late 1984 the band already ceased to exist, changing their name to Les Visiteurs du Soir, turning their back to their old name in 1985 by releasing a limited edition cassette. Despite the very few releases by this gifted act, D. Stop are considered to be one of the most interesting and under-rated cult acts in French coldwave scene. For fans of Metal Urbain, D.A.F., Screamers, Devo, etc. Limited to 270 copies on clear vinyl with 2-sided insert; 350g heavy cardboard sleeve and download coupon..

celeano fragments


Artist : Babel 17 

Label : Desire Records 

celeano fragments / LP

Hard-edged French coldwave act Babel 17 officially formed in 1989. Members of the band had been playing together under various names since 1983, scrapping, rewriting, and experimenting with songs and ideas before settling upon their official name and sound. The first incarnation's drummer would go on to join Little Nemo, who helped the newly formed Babel 17 land a record contract with the prestigious Lively Art label (And Also The Trees, Little Nemo, Asylum Party..). The band 2 albums and a series of singles before splitting in 1993, just as their peers were folding and Lively Art closed its doors. Released in 1990, 'Celeano Fragments' is now reissued on vinyl for the 1st time. For fans of Clan Of Xymox, The Danse Society, New Order, Trisomie 21, Asylum Party.. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

side by side


Artist : Candidate 

Label : Desire Records 

side by side / LP

Kas Produkt was a key figure in the French scene at the beginning 80's. They proved it was possible to sing in English and have success in other countries as well as being responsible for the birth of an electronic-pop scene. From Nancy (the home-town of both Kas Produkt and Oto) Candidate emerged in 1983. The boy/girl duo (the same formula as Kas Produkt) released their 1st cassette in 1984 on Permis De Construire (Nox, Geinst Naït, Muslimgauze, Zero Kama..) to be shortly followed by a split 7" with Gangrène. In 1987 they released their debut and only album for local label Dum Dum Records. 'Side By Side' was really well received and the band played a lot of gigs to support it in France, Belgium, Switzerland and even Poland; more than 100 concerts during their career. 'Side By Side' is now reissued for the 1st time and has been entirely remastered by Anders Post. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

purge an urge


Artist : Oto 

Label : Desire Records 

purge an urge / LP

After the success of the 'Anyway' 12", Oto, now a 3-piece band, played a few gigs before entering the studio to record their one and only album 'Purge An Urge'. Produced by Vincent Hachet from French industrial duo Geinst Naït, 'Purge An Urge' was supposed to contain 9 tracks but the final release saw only 6 tracks. Cécile from fellow Nancy's band Candidate even did some backing vocals. Released in 1986 on French label Divine, known to have released Mecano, Tuxedomoon, Fra Lippo Lippi, Minimal Compact, etc., it was poorly promoted and was mainly sold in Nancy area. The music was as vibrant as their 1st effort and evokes the sound of bands like Second Layer, End Of Data, Das Kabinette, Grauzone or Martin Dupont. Pascal Hubert then formed and still performs in French successful alternative band Double Nelson. Now a much sought-after record, 'Purge An Urge' is reissued for the very 1st time on vinyl. This release has been entirely remastered by Anders Post from the original vinyl. Fat record on orange vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies. :)

I can


Artist : The Primitive Calculators 

Label : Desire Records 

I can't stop it / 7"

Cult Melbourne band The Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before spliting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 (also reissued on Desire) and that was it. Those 2 tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa "Nag Nag Nag"), The Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals but the songs were standing on their own as the unplugged version of "Do That Dance" that appears on the 'Primitive Calculators And Friends 1979-82' could testify. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

and you will find them in the basement


Artist : Various 

Label : Desire Records 

and you will find them in the basement / LP

Compiled by now London resident artist Soft Riot along with other artists on this release, 'And You Will Find Them In The Basement' is a great overview of modern synth-wave tracks from the London underground. All of the artists on this compilation are based within the general madness that is London, with 2 exceptions: Gertrud Stein splits her time between London and Germany, and although Lebanon Hanover haven't lived in London.. Some tracks presented here are instant killer classics ! 2nd pressing on purple vinyl including 12"x12" insert and download coupon ;)

youth and immortality


Artist : Phosphor 

Label : Desire Records 

youth and immortality / LP

Phosphor were formed in London in 2011, originally consisting of Nathalie Bruno on vocals and synth, Jake Ambridge on guitar, the duo then later teamed up with Hélène de Thoury who now is on synth and backing vocals. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Sixth June, Fever Ray, HTRK, Linear Movement, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Phosphor have written and produced 3 eps in the past few years. Self releasing 'Blossom / Cold Hearted', a broody, shoe-gaze soaked ep produced by Ryan Ambridge, and 'To Never Love Again', which was self produced and reminiscent of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins, and 'Fear', which was voted one of the top 20 eps of 2012 by Burning Flame. Along side the eps Phosphor have also produced 2 slow and haunting singles, "Numb" and "Influx". Their debut album 'Youth And Immortality', released by Desire, was inspired by the confusion and desolation of living in the city, constant battles with the troubled mind and an obsession with beautifully dark sounding music. Creating a bitter, melancholy atmosphere whilst morphing menacing synths into something of great pop beauty.. 2nd pressing on black vinyl and download coupon. Big Tip !!



Artist : TSTI 

Label : Desire Records 

evaluations / LP

Isolated in an upstate, NY bedroom studio exists TSTI, a solo project by artist S. Smith described as 'dark, hazy synthetic pop'. Constructing musical landscapes that combine pounding drum machines with elevated melodies, TSTI stirs the echoes of his 80's influences into a pot of contradicting emotions to establish a diverse yet familiar and powerful sound. The genesis of TSTI began in a 2003 but did not show its face until the summer 2011 with the self-released, 4-song demo 'Black Envelope' ep. The 1st 10 months of 2012 TSTI spent writing, recording and mixing his full-length release 'Evaluations' which consist of 9 tracks assessing those that surround him. With 'Evaluations' now unleashed, Smith is deep in the writing stages of the next installment. Nice one.. Limited to 300 copies on grey vinyl with black speckles, 12" double-sided insert and download card !



Artist : A Terrible Splendour 

Label : Desire Records 

poseurs / LP

A Terrible Splendour are a London-based duo who weave tales of blackmail and despair, of cruelty and of heartbreak. Their sound is a darkly luxurious synthesized pop. They make a drama out of a crisis. The band's limited edition cassette ep, released on Desire in 2012, sold out fast and left audiences wanting more. Their wish is now granted with the release of the band's debut album 'Poseurs', released on Desire. It features 11 tracks ranging in style from dissolute disco to sombre cabaret musings. Resolutely modern synth sounds, in turn lush and vicious, combine with lyrics addressing the eternal themes of rebellion, shame and the vagaries of outrageous fortune. It was recorded by the band with James Aparicio (credits include Spiritualized, These New Puritans, Grinderman) and JJD (Soft Riot, Savage Furs, Radio Berlin). One of the most exciting live acts of the moment. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl including download card ;)

double invitation


Artist : Femminielli 

Label : Desire Records 

double invitation / LP

Femminielli's new cosmic opera 'Double Invitation' is a glacial glimpse into the master's mind. With the perfect mix of dancefloor grooves & celestial soundscapes, these nocturnal expeditions will be an easy escape into your dreams. Filled with sensual & mysterious spanish poetry that lead the listener through a maze of sonic delights. Textured tapestries drape the decor and set the mood for the on-going voyage into the void. Prohibited love affairs of the soul. Let it burn ! After a series of cassette releases only, Femminielli is releasing his 1st full album on Desire. 6 tracks of pure cosmic disco beats and psychedelic ambiences. Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl with 12" double-sided insert..

tool box


Artist : Messieurs Bricolage 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

tool box / LP

Killer debut album from this fantastic French band! Limited edition 300 copies on coloured vinyl, silk-screend sleeve, hand numbered, insert & art.

karl ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Lunatic Records 

karl ep / 12"

In its short existence Lunatic has managed a wide range of releases. Synth-pop, wonky techno, crumpled acid and even some leftfield house. This trend towards the unknown is being carried into their latest outing with an ep of electro centered sounds. One name will leap from the inner sleeve. Luke Eargoggle hasn't been as prolific as he once was but the Swede is undeniably one of the godfathers of stripped down mechanical machine music in Europe. But for those with an electro eye there are other names that will cause a stir: Kan3da (aka Karl Henrik Skagius) and Weltwirtschaft (aka Karl Lihagenal). "Karl" is a 12” of, well, Karls. Karls from Sweden. Karls collaborating to be more exact, the 1st between Eargoggle & Kan3da. "Icelandic Lady" is cold and driving. Terse beats propel the piece forward, bars ducking and diving beneath the arctic currents. The only individual work sees Kan3da reinterpreting a work of Pettersson's. "Ocean Movers" originally came out on Crème Organization in 2006. The Faceless Mind track is given a biting face-lift. Frost covered and metallic, the track removes man from the equation with the only link to flesh being the distorted words. "Die Ganze Welt" is a less ferocious affair. Bpms drop as a honeyed harmony plinks, the warmer side of colder electronics on show. "Astra" appears to come from nowhere. Female vocals, warbling synth pop cut by claps. For the finale Eargoggle & Kan3da give Jennifer Touch's original a cold shoulder and sly shove. Karl has shown another side of Lunatic. The 12" is electro of the frostier faction but there are moments of warmth coming through to thaw the chill. Dark and bitter sounds from the deepest recesses of the machine minded. 2nd edition !



Artist : Jennifer Touch 

Label : Lunatic Records 

untitled / 12"

Leipzig's Lunatic opened its vinyl doors last year with Uncanny Valley's Cvbox. The German imprint, born from the club night of the same name, is extending its reach with a new ep and artist. Jennifer Touch (aka Jennifer Ulrike Ochlich), is not a well known name. She has featured on a couple of records here and there but is debuting a self-titled ep. The style of this ep is very hard to pin down. New-wave and synth-pop are immediate influences, but there's a cold electro seam running through the 12". "You" is distant, bars and percussion coming from an isolated and mechanical place with vocals echoing into recesses. When melodies are unveiled they are stark yet honeyed, but soon subsumed by bass and heartache. "Astra" opens the flip. A heady, swirling piece of fractured synth-pop is on offer. Chords swim, claps crashing against breathy vocals. The closer is the most emotional of the trio on offer. "Boom" crosses deep notes with staggered keys, lyrics weaving their way between crisp snares. The ep doesn't come from the wings of contemporary synth-wave, nor is it coming from the traditions of the dancefloor. The bitter sweet compositions will undoubtedly be appreciated by a wide audience, but they might also lead to some brow furrowing amongst the local crate diggers.

electrical oscillator activity


Artist : TeslaSonic 

Label : MinimalRome 

electrical oscillator activity / 12"

3rd experiment from the Teslasonic lab. A 6-tracks journey through some of the most notable inventions of the Serbian genius. An electronic ode to electricity, its applications and its revolutionary place in the history of mankind. Limited to 300 copies! No repress!

waterproof theory


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

waterproof theory / 12"

While nowadays underground music hits are being selected and pushed through applications that analyze and calculate the amount of followers, friends, likes, hits, posts and traffic on social media, music is getting more and more isolated from it's original function, being prostituted by companies that don't even listen to the actual content itself. So while they are counting likes and chase the next past hype we still try to focus on the actual essence of the game: music. The limited series of Frustrated Funk's ever growing catalog now sees MinimalRome chief Heinrich Dressel explore aquatic territories below the surface of mud streams that rise high in the Apennine Mountains and flow to find their way to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ancient legends of the Tiber River tell stories like the one of Rome's founders, the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were abandoned on it's waters and where they were rescued by a mystic she-wolf. Dressel tries to capture these great legends that lurk in the depth and surround the Roman area. Great music comes from great minds. Great minds are inspired by great stories. And no technical application can count or analyze the importance of that!

murdercapital ep


Artist : Lonny & Melvin 

Label : Murder Capital 

murdercapital ep / 12"

2015 remaster. Lonny & Melvin, aka I-f vs. That Nigger, aka Interr-Ference & Pametex. Deep dark brown analogue electronix from the La Haye Murdercapital heydays. This is true Dutch raw analogue electro.. Tip !!

master control


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Viewlexx 

master control / 12"

After being returned from his abduction by aliens from the hidden planet Nibiru, Dj Overdose was given an alien synthesizer the 'HAEX-HRLL' as a thank you for all the cerebral research the aliens did on him. On returning back to Earth all Dj Overdose had to do was finish the 6 tracks the aliens had started to work on, which became this ep. Straight forward techno-hop electro-funk without any fancy-pants pretentious hooha. It's like a black and white movie which makes you think 'why the hell is there colors anyway?!' After completion, the only record label he could imagine being fit for such rawness would be Viewlexx... and so here it is.

bizarro world


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Creme Organization 

bizarro world / 2x12"

The bomb that should have dropped way back when. After a career spanning almost 2 decades Dj Overdose debuts on Crème with his 1st full length album, upon which we remark with carefully considered understatement: 'A veritable tour de resistance in film noir electronics, 'Bizarro World' is a dank and dark alley made flesh. Overdose's heavy soulful beats and soundscapes snatch your dreams right from under you like a shadowy kleptomaniac, masterfully pairing melancholy and ennui with fear and voyeuristic tiger-lurking-in-the-bushes paranoia. So lock up your future plans or you might very well find yourself without any'. For those who don't know, Dj Overdose is one of the OG's of the La Haya underground, one half of Novamen and the other half of The Hasbeens with classic and sought after releases on Bunker, Viewlexx, Murder Capital, Clone and Strange Life to name a few. In his spare time he doubles as a hand model for Bruce Willis :D



Artist : Das Ding 

Label : Midlight Records 

sequencer / 10"

Das Ding, one of the legends of Rotterdam, has been going since the early 80's with his label Tear Apart Tapes. He had releases on the finest of imprints such as Minimal Wave. Now Midlight will issue a some heat by the artist in subject with pride. These excerpts from Das Ding's modular techno setup were originally released on cassette by Dehef in 2014, a most fine small imprint from Rotterdam.

why is my life so boring?


Artist : Das Ding 

Label : Electronic Emergencies 

why is my life so boring? / LP

Great debut release for Electronic Emergencies hailing from Rotterdam! They present their 1st release, a new album of Dutch coldwave legend Das Ding: 'Why Is My Life So Boring?' It's a brand new 10-track album, which sounds crisp and young in the club and mature when you play it at home. Das Ding has always had that certain thing; strict and detached beats combined with warm melancholic melodies, emotionally distant and intense at the same time. The sound is clearly analogue and very specific since Danny Bosten (aka Das Ding) rebuilds his vintage synths and builds his own sequencers and modular systems. The album was mastered by Alden Tyrell. It's the 1st album release of Das Ding after the brilliant 80's album 'H.S.T.A.' released on Minimal Wave records. Tip ! (sleeveless version !)

night of the illuminati


Artist : Squadra Blanco 

Label : Holosynthesis 

night of the illuminati / 2x12"

Reissue of this classic from 2002, the already valuable Holosynthesis 1. Herr Wolfers (aka Legowelt), hiding under his Squadra Blanco moniker, audio nods Claudio Simonetti and John Carpenter on this amazing ride through the land of late 70's b-flick horrors. Considered by some as his best work... Highly Recommended !

the androids


Artist : Disco Dream & The Androids 

Label : Wake Up Records 

the androids / LP

Reissue of this highly sought after UK disco album from 1979. Co-produced by Adrian Wagner (designer of the Wasp synthesizer) and featuring Robert Calvert (poet and frontman of Hawkwind intermittently) as lead singer. Classic !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

biometry / 2x12"

Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00's (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future for everyone born before 1980. Techno was still about innovation, stepping into the future, going ahead, updated technologies, exploring the new.? Like previous releases Heinrich Mueller takes inspiration from latest technologies and developments. Must-Have !

moskow diskow


Artist : Telex 

Label : JDC 

moskow diskow / 12"

Disco hit by our Belgian friends. 3 versions are featured on this 12": "original French version"', "original English version" and the "1985 version". This record still rocks !! Happy......Joy......

plastic flowers


Artist : Civil Defence Programme / Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

plastic flowers / 7"

Split 7" featuring 2 different projects of Roger Semsroth who is widely known for his big variety of musical output under several monikers. The 2 tracks on this 7" have once been put up on Youtube for a short while and since then they have been wandering around and people have asked for them to be released on vinyl. Here they are now, the EBM/industrial influenced Civil Defence Programme track "Plastic Flowers" and the KR-55 and guitar driven Television Set track "Drayton Park" on this little hand stamped single...

eternal return


Artist : Scarlet Architect 

Label : Genetic Music 

eternal return / LP+CD

Genetic Music load up a real new-wave bullet, or 11 of them to be precise, from the very little known Scarlet Architect. Compiling the group's only release (an eponymous 4-track zinger issued in 1982 thru Coalition Records), together with 7 previously unreleased peaches from the same era, this is in effect their debut LP, exhibiting sharpened drum machine/dancefloor instincts coupled with an arch pop sound. Vocals are stately but almost cabaret in a sophisticated, ambiguous manner, whilst their grooves are slick and tight, layered with melodic synth hooks, at best in the eerie, Tuxedomoon-alike "Monetary Options", whilst the perkier funk of "Dance 'Til Dawn" recalls that Tomo Akikawabaya reissue on Minimal Wave and "Action Painting" sports some mental fusion of Prince and Devo by way of Russ Abott that needs to be heard to be believed.

afire afire


Artist : Liste Noire 

Label : No Emb Blanc 

afire afire / 12"

Liste Noire is an incarnation of the art-wave project Velvet Condom. Alice Gift and Oberst P. now joined by new member Kali on guitar and keyboard, play what they call 'disco noir'. This is the debut-ep of this Berlin-based French-Swedish trio.

secrets of the world


Artist : Jackie Ransom / Luster & Beta Evers 

Label : Zerohour Doom & Glamour 

secrets of the world / 7"

Moving right along, Ransom's side "The Killer Inside" is a murderous fantasy delivered over a haunting and simple synth melody with some decidedly cheeky and retro Casio drumbeats that evoke, at least for me, when MIDI got a resurgence earlier this century for homebody musicians and locally to the great work put forth by Jeremy Kolosine and Futurisk. In any case, this is solid minimal wave with an almost gothic undertone. No stranger to Germany's always burgeoning electronic music scene, Beta Evers teams up with Luster to produce an equally haunting but perhaps cheerier take on undying love for their half of the wax. Although her side is certainly more up the alley of darkwave and/or post new-wave, it's still, like the counterpart, a song that sticks with you. Although most split 7"ers are made to 'save' money on behalf of the bands and labels involved, it is nice to see one where the music showcased is of a complementary nature. Overall, this is a well-executed project and an excellent introduction to both of these artists and to the vinyl-challenged. BIG Tip !!

land after life


Artist : Cheiron 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

land after life / LP

Does the treasure chest of Lex Grauwen have a bottomless pit? After the re-discovery of Tranquil Eyes 'Walks' cassette a few years back and more recently the Frozen Ducks legacy, it's time for another dazzling project originating from the man's brain. Cheiron is Lex Grauwen, he plays all the instruments & produced all the music and José Van Waveren, who sings distinctively. The album 'Land After Life' aims for the dancefloor with it's high energy minimal synth and electro stylings. In the mid-80's Lex Grauwen was asked to participate in the 'Pas de Deux’ compilation album, a legendary new-wave compilation album featuring Bene Gesserit, Algebra Suicide & Psyclones. Lex asked high school sweetheart José Van Waveren to join up for a few songs. 'Land After Life' was chosen for the vinyl and began to lead it's own life for many years on the internet. "Serenity World", recorded during the same sessions is of an equal spellbinding beauty. It got released on the Top Tape label cassette called 'L'Embrasse' in an edited mix. The 3rd song recorded "Finally Free Four" is a José only composition, previously unreleased till now. José and Lex had been making music before though, one of those older tracks is "No Trace", from 81-82. Shortly after 'Pas de Deux', they tried to record some more tracks, but the demo's were never really finished. A while later Lex asked Paul Oosterbaan of Tranquil Eyes and Ruud Braumuller of Beatnik Love Affair to help finish these tracks. The results are "Your Life Your Body", also a José solo-piece and "Ping Pong", the last recorded track. Today José is a singer-songwriter, performing in French.. Limited to 500 copies !

in the grassfield


Artist : Palais Des Bauzards 

Label : OnderStroom Records 

in the grassfield / LP

Palais Des Bauzards persued an industrial and electronic variant of the sound that swept into vogue during the 1st half of the 80's. This compilation digs into the original material provided by the band and offers an amazing selection from start to finish. The sometimes rudimentary though gripping tracks on the 1st side are emblematic for their early period, for example "Money" a song driven by a screeching rhythm box, distant guitar lines and a nonchalant voice. Cabaret Voltaire comes to mind. They're not afraid to experiment and to explore new horizons (the track "Lies"). The 2nd side shows a more developed darkwave sound with "In The Grassfield" and "Knowing Too Much" both produced by legendary Belgian producer Ludo Camberlin. On top of this there are 2 dark goth rock stomper hidden in the selection, they hide by the names "My Life Is A Sin" & "Eat Out Of My Hands". Overall it's a broad selection of tracks which show the capability of the band to do something different with the new wave genre. Initially the band was formed in 1983 in the Belgian city of Leuven by Danny Jacobs, Dirk Van Regenmortel, Chris Serré, Frank De Wit and Rudy Stuyckens. In 1983 they released 2 tracks on the Mask Live LP together with Front 242. In the 3 following years many of their home recorded tracks were published on a bunch of cassette labels. Since the beginning of the 21st century, many Palais Des Bauzards tracks can be found on playlists around Europe and the USA and are being reissued on LPs. Most recently on the compilation albums 'Underground Wave Vol. 4' and 'Distant Waves'. Limited edition of 500 copies

mons testaceum


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Mannequin 

mons testaceum / LP

Originally released by Legowelt's Strange Life label on CD-r back in 2007, 'Mons Testaceum' finally has its 1st vinyl press on Mannequin Records. 'Mons Testaceum' together with 'Escape From The Hill' and 'Completion Of The Amphoras Table' represented the 1st of a trilogy dedicated to the 'Monte Testaccio', an artificial mound in Rome composed almost entirely of testae, fragments of broken amphorae dating from the time of the Roman Empire. The sound of the album is moving somewhere hidden between Fabio Frizzi and Goblin, thanks the extensive use of the Italian (better Roman) legendary synthesizer Elka Synthex in every single track, with touches of the Berlin electronic school, “mixed with irresistable futuristic soulfunk synth solos (Kool and the Gang goes cosmic!)”. Impressive stuff in a limited edition of 400 copies..



Artist : Effetto Joule 

Label : Mannequin 

robespierre / 12"

Originally released in 1989 on Top Sound Records, rare dark italo 12" "Robespierre" by the italo-wave trio Effetto Joule. The reissue comes with extra demo tape material from their 'Ultraviolet' tapes and with a killer Flemming Dalum remix of the title track. Effetto Joule formed in Modena during the 2nd part of the 80's. The pulsating heart of the band were the brothers Flavio & Valerio Biagi with the collaboration of Valerio Tassinari. Deeply influenced by the British synth-pop heroes like Tubeway Army and Depeche Mode, the Biagi brothers were able to merge that kind of epic sounds with the more romantic Italian vision of the electronic dark wave. Mastering by Rude 66. Limited edition on black vinyl...

of desire


Artist : The KVB 

Label : Invada 

of desire / LP

'Of Desire' is The KVB's 2nd LP on the Portishead and BEAK> man's Invada Records and Barrow invited the band to record the album in his studio where they were free to raid his synth collection. On 1st listen to the record, all of that makes perfect sense. Having begun life in 2010 as a bedroom project for then Southampton-based Nicholas Wood to experiment with ideas around minimal electronica, he's now brought in partner and collaborator Kat Day and relocated to Berlin. The result is a more filled-in, more expansive sound. From their name and Berlin location, right through to the industrial 80's aesthetics, there's a moody cold war feel to the icy shards of synths that permeate each track. Opener "White Walls" spirals into a mesmerising motorik hymn though elsewhere it feels a little one paced and monotonal. It takes single "In Deep" to bring some propulsion to proceedings; it's the magnificent juggernaut of the record and only "V11393" comes close to packing that punch. Tip !!

demain est une autre nuit


Artist : Essaie Pas 

Label : DFA 

demain est une autre nuit / LP

Marie Davidson & Pierre Guerineau started working together as Essaie Pas in 2010 and they've dropped a handful of eps, mostly self-released or via small labels. Their 1st album comes via DFA, which is their biggest platform yet. Davidson is a prolific artist known for her darkwave-tinted synth music, while Guerineau is an engineer and producer who has worked with the likes of Dirty Beaches and Femminielli. Work on 'Demain Est Une Autre Nuit' started when the duo came back home to Montreal from a European tour and found that they had been evicted from their studio and apartment. Unable to find another place, they settled on a practice space whose many corridors and big empty rooms inspired Davidson & Guerineau. "This environment influenced our music", explained Guerineau. "The sounds are more clear and open, the production has more depth, on a full frequency range". The label says that the LP was influenced by EBM, disco, techno and film soundtracks, with "sensually-delivered lyrics exploring the themes of fantasies, obsessions, and the feeling of 'the void'". "The title comes from a joke we made when going to bed one morning, talking about our plans for the next evening", says Guerineau. "Night is a place of freedom, a place where fantasies and obsessions are not tied by moral constraints. It's also a time where the feeling of loneliness is stronger and when emotions and memories arise, whether you are facing it or running away from it. I think the tension and sense of urgency on the record comes from that dichotomy". 1st pressing of 1000 copies on orange 'sunrise' colored vinyl, ncluding high-quality digital download. Essential !!

vices et mensonges


Artist : Violence Conjugale 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

vices et mensonges / LP

Violence Conjugale is back after 4 years of almost vinyl silence vinyl. Almost because we should not forget the small gift for Xmas 2014 'In The Depths' which will set the tone of 'Vices Et Mensonges'. Less minimalist, but darker. 'Vices Et Mensonges' talks about all these grave diggers of hope, the counterfeiters, the organized but granted lie.. The 1st track "ACABM" show clearly its hand. A pessimistic view but sadly realistic too. 11 pieces reporting a decline totalitarianism in all its forms, declared or insidious. 11 songs that speak of the violence of life, intimate or collective. However a survival instinct remain among this. Amputated but not dead yet. As evidenced by the music structured around harsh rythm boxes, more elaborate than previously. The synthetic composition is far less minimalist too. No more kraut accents like in their 1st album. However be careful, Violence Conjugale do not stray from its line.. Here, it's uptempo, it turns, it's more dancing. As carried in a spiral. We are short-winded. A warmer synthetic frame but with darker voice. Cynicism at its best ;)

the world in devotion


Artist : November Novelet 

Label : Galakthorro 

the world in devotion / LP

In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor 'Magic', in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development; the magical mixture continues: Mrs Arafna's unique vocal timbre, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless synthesiser music, and thus experience 'The World In Devotion'. Standard black vinyl 2nd edition, sturdy cardboard cover, standard white inner sleeve, not numbered..



Artist : Lovers Revenge 

Label : Romance Moderne 

untitled / LP

Tired of the sun & the fakeness of their city, this Miami based duo emerged from the underground to provide a nice & melancholic atmosphere, bringing us back to the dark american 80's movies. The band's influences consist of venting out about relationships gone bad, mixed emotions of love and hate, and together, combining them with darkwave like sounds. Each track has its own story, let yourself begin the trip... Limited to 300 copies !

focus on light


Artist : Hord 

Label : Giallo Disco 

focus on light / LP

At Giallo HQ they 1st noticed H ø R D whilst searching for tracks for the fictitious 'Wild In Blue' o.s.t., and his music has gone on to be some of the best we've ever heard, so much so that we jumped at the chance to release the debut album by this incredible artist. 8 reverb-soaked-urban-gothic melancholic songs, between synth-shoegaze and violent EBM, 'Focus On Light' is a beautiful heartbreaking LP that will resonate strongly with fans of pornography-era The Cure, Joy Division and classic Nine Inch Nails. Like the soundtrack to some insane X-Files or pre-Millennium cyberpunk movie. Strange days indeed. Art by Warren Lynn, photo titled: Avian Shadows. Layout by Eric A. Lee. Mastered by Brassica. Includes download code..

ep #2


Artist : Hord 

Label : Anywave 

ep #2 / 7"

Hørd is a darkwave project founded in 2013 by musician and video-artist Sebastien Carl in Bordeaux. His music is a deeply melancholic and epic synth-wave, oscillating between efficiency and pondering, influenced by fantastic movies and film noir. After a 1st ep and many tracks released on Romance Moderne, Giallo Disco, Anywave, The Scrap Mag, as well as a remix for Winter Severity Index, Hørd's 2nd ep is this 7" single with 2 devastating sides: "Speak", an ideal hit single with ice-cold reflections, and "Let Them Burn", a technoid anthem for a deadlock party..



Artist : France 

Label : Les Disques Anonymes 

moderne / LP

It is still in its unique and crazy world that the French group France stands out with the adaptation of his new album 'Modern' on vinyl. A real master stroke of the Toulouse trio who claims membership in electronic music, imbued with the italo-disco style. And trends for Kraftwerkomoderien style (a mix of electro inspired by the German band Kraftwerk, and disco). With their unique and modern musicality, and an electronic and synthetic instrumental (mixer, synthesizer), Francis Remigni (Abberline), Pierre Gastou (Friendish Fib) & Henning Specht (Hypnolove) attracts a certain audience on the dancefloor. Ace !



Artist : Synth Alien 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

memories / 12"

After strong releases on Interstellar Tracks and Le Galassie Di Seyfert, Last Known Trajectory proudly welcomes Synth Alien to its roster. 'Memories' is an excellent 4-track set of shimmering spacey, timeless, soul-infused electro. Limited edition on gold vinyl with full colour picture sleeve !



Artist : Visonia 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

opal's sunflowers / 2x12"

Chile's Nicolas Estany is back with another album of sublime darkwave electro following 2014's fabulous 'Impossible Romance'. There are all the hallmarks of Visonia's singular sound that are on offer once again, from the energetic devil's dance of the opening track "Beyond The Clouds" or the aptly titled "Melancholy" through to brooding gothic slow jams such as "The Owl" and title track "Opal's Sunflowers". All featuring the most razor sharp of arpeggios, haunting Carpenter-esque strings and truly epic vocal performances throughout. Limited pressing on dark blue marbled vinyl in in deluxe full colour picture sleeve.. It's all quite brilliant really !



Artist : Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas 

Label : Last Known Trajectory 

shadows / 12"

Collaboration project between Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas featuring Ekman and Orgue Electronique. Lukas, drawing upon personal sensations, melds diary-like lyrics into dreamlike ambiance and textures, beautifully fusing with the infectious electro-pop grooves of Jauzas The Shining. Songs encapsulating lost love and longings for sensation, emotional stimulation and experiencing feelings through those of another are conveyed via vocal pieces, "Cold Sweat" and "Coral Eyes". Ekman contributes a driving, acidic groove version of "Cold Sweat" more apt for the dancefloor, while Orgue Electronique pushes the electronic pop vibes into Chicago-esque house territory. Limited edition !

paradise island


Artist : Karl Lukas Pettersson 

Label : Acido Records 

paradise island / 12"

The latest Acido release sees the full debut of Karl Lukas Pettersson, aka Gothenburg's premier electro exponent Lukas Karl Pettersson who previously featured on Dynamo Dreesen's label back in 2007 under his familiar Luke Eargoggle alias. As Karl Lukas Pettersson, the Swede is evidently looking to explore a sound less trodden with both "Paradise Island" and "Travel The World" crafty concoctions formed from various elements of primitive wave. These 2 tracks are essentially variations on the same idea. Both trundle along with leaden kicks and muddy synths, brilliantly offset by crystal clear twinkles of melody that occasionally cut through the mix. On both, a childlike voice eerily repeats the titular phrase. The chords are catchy, the sound design exquisitely imperfect. But as with Acido's best records, its the overall personality (at once campy and avant-garde) that makes these tracks so good ;)

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