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Artist : Dark Day 

Label : Lust/Unlust Music 

trapped / 12"

To introduce this artist (aka Robin Crutchfield), let us tell you its "Window" lp from 1982 is among the all time top ten minimal electronics records for sure and still on many wantlists. This 12" ep is said to be Robinís favourite work. Steven Brown from Tuxedomoon does perform as well. Anyway, Dark Day vinyls belong to any collection of minimal electro-wave, so grab it while you can !



Artist : Dark Day 

Label : Dark Entries 

window / LP

Following the 1st few incarnations and various lineups of Dark Day; 1981 saw the direction of the project morphed into an electronic keyboard duo of Robin Crutchfield and Bill Sack with an album of 9 songs originally released on Plexus Records. Lyrics were inspired by various sources including occult texts by Colin Wilson and art by Leger, Bruegel, Malevich, Man Ray, Duchamp and Jean Cocteau. The mechanized sound of "Window" is less one of the man machine robots in charge of Kraftwerk than man at the mercy of his machines. The infectiously-engaging toy-like instruments captured the ears of fans worldwide with popcorn drum rhythms. A Synare borrowed from Jeff and Jane Hudson lent a "Bette Davis Eyes" homage and crack to the percussion on the percolating tracks. The instant polaroid images, an homage to Japanese recording artist Susan of "The Girl Canít Help It" adorned the album sleeve in 2 stark headshots of musicians at work, haunted by the unseen. Is the window something you look out, or in? You must answer that question.. 3rd repress edition release!

exterminating angel


Artist : Dark Day 

Label : Dark Entries 

exterminating angel / LP

Huge reissue of Dark Day's 1st album 'Exterminating Angel' originally released in 1980 on Lust/Unlust. Dark Day is the minimal electronics brainchild of Robin Crutchfield following his separation with no-wave band DNA. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Crutchfield was fascinated with both performance art and the most esoteric edges of pop music. After making his escape to New York City in the mid-70's, he was inspired by Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band and Lydia Lunch's Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. He made the transition into the new music of downtown Manhattan and formed the no-wave band DNA with Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori in 1977. In 1979 Crutchfield left DNA to pursue a series of musical projects under the name Dark Day. His 1st album, 'Exterminating Angel' is named after the Luis Bunuel film of the same name. All 13 songs on this LP use cheap synthesizers to create cyclical, machine-like keyboard riffs as a foundation for the moody, Teutonic music. Crutchfield sings like a lost member of Kraftwerk with a dry detachment creating a starker and chillier atmosphere. Lyrics were derived from cut-up methods similar to those used by the surrealists, fluxus artists, and William Burroughs and Bryon Gysin and pit the subjected against their torments and tormentors. All songs on 'Exterminating Angel' were originally recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC. 1979 and produced by Charles Ball. Each LP includes a two-sided fold out poster containing lyrics, photos and lyrical explanations by Robin Crutchfield. Dark Day continue to inspire the current wave of stark, eerie, processional synthesizer music more than 30 years later. Must-Have!

hands in the dark


Artist : Dark Day 

Label : Dark Entries 

hands in the dark / 12"

Dark Day is the minimal electronics brainchild of Robin Crutchfield following his separation with no-wave band DNA. For the 1st incarnation of Dark Day, Robin recruited Nina Canal from The Gynecologists and later UT on guitar and Nancy Arlen from Mars on drums. They recorded 2 songs for a 7″ single, released in 1979 on Charles Ball's Lust/Unlust label. Off-kilter jerk-like guitar and energetic acrobatic tom-tom tumbling fuse with queasy lurching keyboards and 'cold medicine' vocals. This single stepped away from no wave towards what was going on in the U.K. with The Normal, Robert Rental and Throbbing Gristle. After this single Dark Day would regroup with Robin on synthesizers and vocals, Phil Kline on guitar, Barry Friar on drums and guest Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon on saxophone to record the 'Exterminating Angel' album. In 1981, the song "Trapped" was released as a 12" ep backed with "The Exterminations (1 Thru 6)". For these 6 instrumental tracks, Robin went back into the studio with the master tapes, flipped them over and played them backwards. Altering track assignments, speed and reverb effects, he rode the faders in and out, creating short "Exterminations" of the original songs. The result is Crutchfield's favorite Dark Day release. The vinyl comes housed in jacket featuring a self-made cartoon of Robin Crutchfield to announce the release of the 7" in 1979. Each LP includes a double sided 11◊17 fold-out poster with lyrics and photos and song notes by Robin and Nina Canal. Dark Day continue to inspire the current wave of stark, eerie, processional synthesizer music more than 30 years later ;)

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