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chicken accelerator


Artist : Various 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

chicken accelerator / 12"

1st release on this new Astro Chicken label, founded as a platform for spaced-out synth-pop, disco & electro music. With "Chicken Accelerator", the 4 home-made artists Hyboid, Starlight Hammer Sounds, Telebot and Sternrekorder give you a taste of things to come. Fly with their travels to the hidden Space Disco Quadrant..! 180g yellow vinyl limited to 230 copies only.. Be fast on this one ;)

aliens ate my synthesizer!


Artist : Hyboid 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

aliens ate my synthesizer! / 12"

Following his appearance on the "Chicken Accelerator" compilation, Hyboid makes his solo debut on the mini-lp "Aliens Ate My Synthesizer!": 9 tracks that were produced under dubious circumstances in the interstellar mental asylum MFB-502. And you can definitely tell! Be advised that you are about to experience intense synth melodies and excessive sawtooth basses ! Limited to 240 copies.. here, on blue transparent vinyl.

where androids come to die


Artist : Hyboid 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

where androids come to die / 12"

On a quest for his ancestral roots our hero suffers a CPU arrest. Unable to recover, certain death is only a matter of time. This record is wrapped in a funeral card which has to be presented at the entrance to the funeral party. 180gr white vinyl limited to 200 copies. Tip!



Artist : Sternrekorder 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

weissensee / 12"

With his beautiful melodies and sweet harmonies, Leipzig-based Sternrekorder takes you back to the era of the late 70's and early 80's when electronic music was still so playful and innocent. 180gr red vinyl in a funky-ass picture sleeve, limited to 250 copies. Nice ;)

this is 1983


Artist : Risk Risk 

Label : Astro Chicken Records 

this is 1983 / LP

'This Is 1983' is Risk Risk's debut long player. Using analog sound generators, his voice and a pair of Carrera sunglasses, Risk Risk creates classical synth-pop with catchy choruses and hand-played synth lines. 180gr black vinyl in a gorgeous picture sleeve, limited to 300 copies. Ace..!

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