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self titled


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

self titled / 7"

1st 7" vinyl single of this old-school synth / darkwave band formed by K-K- (ex-Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). This is strange, but wonderful release, electronic experimental in very accessible form. "Self-Titled" is the heavy darkwave hymn not far out of place on some John Carpenter soundtrack. And b-side is hand-carved by the band, making every copy of the release unique. Limited numbered edition of 300 copies.

a/b (other side / the other)


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

a/b (other side / the other) / 7"

Huminoida are from Finland and are apparently heavily in debt to Depeche Mode & Nine Inch Nails. Aside from the darkly intoned, faintly gothic vocals, "Other Side" is quite splendid, reminding me of some of the finer moments of the Trumpett label, dystopian electro wave, juddering, jagged electronic pulses, soul-searching synths...It's very 80's inspired but very well done. "The Other" is a slow paced brooder that is faintly reminiscent of "Fade To Grey" in its chord progression but once again sounds like a wistful analogue electro sketch recorded as a paen to a dying robot prince or something. If you like the gear on Enfant Terrible then this well futuristic looking 7" package will be right up your alley. Limited to 300 in a slightly fetishistic transparent package...

loves you ep


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

loves you ep / 7"

Huminoida is an electronic pop band operating in the triangle of old-school synth-pop, darkwave and sheer weirdness. 'Huminoida Loves You EP' is the 3rd 7" single from this solo project of former Neuroactive vocalist K-K-. Although Huminoida makes music in the spirit & guts of wonderful synth pioneers like Fad Gadget, Human League, Coil, Soft Cell, Foetus, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Suicide..etc, itís take on synth-pop / krautrock is highly original, following only the vision of itís own. Limited edition of 300 copies with a fold-out sleeve !

mystic summer


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

mystic summer / 10"

Huminoida is an adventurous electronic / dark synth band from Finland. Huminoida was founded in 2007 by K-K- (formerly a vocalist of electro-pop band Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). "Huminoida" is an odd, poetic Finnish word meaning "to hum", "to make a humming noise", which seemed appropriate and original enough for a band name. Merging the melodic elements of synth-pop, emotionally charged vocals, analogue warmth and willingness to experiment, Huminoida creates an unusual blend of beauty & brutality, dreams & reality, pop & obscurity. Once you've heard one track, you haven't heard them all! Huminoida releases are rather works of art than products, handicraft as much as a records can be. During the slow process of writing and recording the 2nd full-length album there's going to be a string of ep releases. The 5-track 'Mystic Summer' ep is the 1st of the series and it's released as limited edition numbered (200 copies) 10" clear vinyl + CDr set. Once again Huminoida introduces a varying selection of styles and moods ranging from the summery synth-pop of "Time And Space" to the underlaying creepiness of "The Boatman". The accompanying CDr includes also a smooth electro-pop remix by Flux Fin. Nice !

intoxicating spring ep


Artist : Huminoida 

Label : Out Of Range Records 

intoxicating spring ep / 10"

Genre-eluding Finnish synth band Huminoida releases 'Intoxicating Spring EP' as 10" transparent vinyl + CDr set. This is the 2nd in the 'Seasons' series that started with last year's 'Mystic Summer EP'. 7 tracks of synth-pop anthems, electronic obscurity, science fiction, the beauty & brutality, all Huminoida ingredients are there. Beautiful handnumbered edition of 200 copies.

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