- X-Quadrat - untitled -



Artist : X-Quadrat 

Label : Die Blinden Records 

Genre : 80's - Minimal Synth / Cold Wave / Indus. / Angst-Pop

untitled / 12" / DB-003

The 80's are back. We are not talking about cool radio stations broadcasting old Spandau Ballet ballads (although it can be fun as well), but passionate enthusiasts looking for lost gems in the dark underground of the past. You find such people everywhere, in Belgium too. Onderstroom Records and Walhalla Records are the best-known examples. Die Blinden Records, an initiative of the organisator of the Belgian minimal festival Waveteef, is a new label with the same objectives. So far, label boss Mat Zwart released both Deathly Quiet! and the sublime debut LP by Luminance. Here is now an old release of a German quartet that was founded in 1982. People pay craziest prices for the X-Quadrat record on the Internet (up to 300€ !!). The band is hardly known and has only one release, but this is the sound that 80's freaks like to hear! This maxi contains 4 songs. "Kauf Dir Die Freiheit" is pure Neue Deutsche Welle. Think of what Malaria! or Fehlfarben did and you are on the right path. Indeed, such tracks were made in large amounts in Germany during the 80's. We can not get enough of it. The most interesting song is "Immer Und Ewig": dark minimal with doomy keyboards and a chorus with words like 'Verloren in die Dunkelheit', what more do you want? "Der Digitaltanz" has a very different style. The EBM beats remind us of DAF. And if that is not so, Die Gedanken sind frei ! "Information" is NDW with a tasty punk beat. We already said it before... this is material for 80's fans who really know what the period was about! Limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl !

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