- Boytronic - bryllyant -



Artist : Boytronic 

Label : Dark Entries 

Genre : 80's - E.B.M. / New Beat,80's - Synth-Pop / New Wave / Punk / Krautrock

bryllyant / 12" / DE-101

Boytronic is a synth-pop group from Hamburg, Germany founded by Holger Wobker & Peter Sawatzki in 1982. The duo began composing music as the soundtrack to sex shows on Hamburg's famous 'Mile Of Sin'. Soon after, Holger started working in a local record shop where he played early Boytronic demos during his shifts. A representative from Mercury Records came to the shop, heard the songs and gave the band a contract. They would go to release many singles and 2 albums 'The Working Model' in 1983 and 'The Continental' in 1985. By 1986 the record company claimed rights to the band name and put together a completely different line-­up fronted by Hayo Lewerentz. This new incarnation continued to record under the Boytronic name until the mid-­90's. Influenced by Kraftwerk, The Human League, Visage and Depeche Mode, the band crafted their own brand of synth-pop. Their 1st single "You" was released by Mercury Records in 1983 and became a Top 10 club hit in many European charts. Inspired by New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle", the song in an openly gay love song, where the singer expresses his loneliness waiting the return of his adoration for another man. "Trigger Track" was released in 1984 as a B-­side of the 2nd Boytronic single "Diamonds And Loving Arms". It was originally planned as an A-side, but was declined by the record company. "Bryllyant" was originally released as a B­-side to the 86 remix of "You" on JDC Records, a label aimed at dancefloors and club Djs. A Belgian Dj played the song at 33rpm and convinced the band to release this slower speed version in 1988. It became the band's 2nd most successful release and a hit across Europe. This ep features both the 1986 US remix and 1988 33 1/3 plus 8 remix of "Bryllyant", as well as the original 1983 extended 12" version of "You" and a special edit of "Trigger Track" never before released on vinyl. Each ep comes in an jacket featuring neon green spot gloss lettering based on the 1988 "Bryllyant" single, and includes an 8.5x11 glossy press photo with liner notes, credits and lyrics, designed by Eloise Leigh. Classic !

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