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No Unauthorized / invasion / LP


No Unauthorized

Camisole Records

invasion / LP

80's - Minimal Synth / Cold Wave / Indus. / Angst-Pop

No Unauthorized was a French band from Melun (south suburb of Paris) active between 1980 and early 90's. The band was omnipresent in the tape wave scene with almost 100 appearances on various labels like Bain Total, Insane Music , EE Tapes or V.I.S.A. Their music can be described as minimal synth-pop with smart silly French lyrics. Add an experimental Diy spirit and you have one of the most original French 80's band. Invasion is an 8 tracks tape album originally released in 1987 on Fraction Studio (home of Philippe Laurent and DZ Lectric) and is probably their most accomplished work. It captures all the personality and freedom of the group who had no taboo to ridicule any situation. Limited edition of 200 standard numbered copies with A4 insert. Splendid starting release for this new Camisole Rec. label ;)

Listen invasion
  • Sans Requin
  • Hiroshima
  • J'Attends
  • Dans La Tête
  • Landru
  • Détail
  • Quand Le Sexe Passe
  • Crocodile
  • Suicidez-Moi Pas
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