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Doris Norton / nortoncomputerforpeace / LP


Doris Norton


nortoncomputerforpeace / LP

80's - Minimal Electro // 80's - Italo Disco / Cosmic Disco / Hi-NRG

35th anniversary reissue edition ! Doris Norton was Apple's 1st music "endorsement" and Roland affiliate, and is one of the most important female pioneers in the use of synths and in the early electro computer music field. This 3rd album of experimental computer works is anther peach, and includes the beautifully lush 10 minute medieval/prog regression "Don't Shoot At Animals" and the whirling psychedelia of "Iran No Ra".. As a teenager, Norton was drawn to medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music, not to mention quantum physics, differential equations, organic chemistry, the experimentalism of John Cage and animated movie soundtracks. Her love for modules and circuits found expression through the waves of an old harmonium, the frequencies of a Minimoog, a Roland System 100M, a Roland System 700 and the ARP 2500/2600. In 1980, Norton began her solo career by recording at Fontana Studio 7, the Milan studio of the composer and musician Tito Fontana, resulting in the electronic opera 'Under Ground'. Norton became more prolific, continuing her adventures in experimental electronics and computer music with 'Parapsycho' (1981), 'Raptus' (1981), 'Nortoncomputerforpeace' (1983), 'PC' (1984) (whose album cover prominently features Apple's colored logo) and 'Artificial Intelligence' (1985). 3rd studio album, 'Nortoncomputerforpeace' involved Doris Norton, Antonius Rex and Rudy Luksch (hardware engineer). "Don't Shoot At Animals" was used as original soundtrack for the RAI tv program 'Rumore Di Fondo' directed by Umberto Marino.

Listen nortoncomputerforpeace
  • Norton Computer For Peace
  • The Hunger Problem In The World
  • Don't Shoot At Animals
  • War Mania Analysis
  • Salvasansalwar
  • Warszawar
  • Iran No Ra
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